The Ceremony on Offering Funds to the 214 branches worldwide of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand and participate in the Offering to Lord Buddha (First Sunday) Ritual

On 1st December 2019, this is one of the very special day. Beside it is the offering to Lord Buddha ritual on the first Sunday of every month. It also held the funds offering ceremony to the 214 branches of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand worldwide. This ceremony had been held for 9 years consecutively. This one of the special merits occasion, for supporting to propagate Buddhism over the world. In order, to provide the opportunities for more people to have the chance to listen to Dhamma talk and practice meditation, to search for their individual truth inner happiness.

Every first Sunday of the month, is the time on globally offering to Lord Buddha ritual. We sincerely invite everyone on their own convenience, through synchronize practicing meditation, to perform the offering of meticulous tribute to the Lord Buddhas.

Thailand time is 10:00-11:00. On about 10:45, everyone can start making wishes. The final wish must be for fulfilling the perfect life, to support all beings, till the ultimate of Dhamma, and could free from suffering and attain Nirvana.

The benefits on participate in the offering to Lord Buddha (First Sunday) ritual

  1. Fast fulfilling of the 30 paramita.
  2. Born in noble family and great clan, respect and support by Human and Celestia, possess wealth, reputation, praise, happiness.
  3. Born in the family that with right view, and ready to perform charity.
  4. Possess true knowledge wisdoms of worldly and out of the world.
  5. Possess five type blessings: Longevity, Fine looking, Happiness, Strength and Wisdom.
  6. Every Life time will be able to enjoy delicate and delicious food.
  7. Possess perfect wealth of worldly, heavenly and Nirvana.
  8. Possess nice looking, wealth, virtue and attendants.
  9. Possess the limitless merits and paramita of Dhammakayas in Nirvana, in term of their brightness, strength, supernatural power, and the power on influence and decisive
  10. Possess special merits, enable to reincarnate to the special merits zone of the Bodhisattva in the Tusita.
  11. Be attached with the grand masters, able to follow the group in every life time in the future, till the ultimate of Dhamma.
  12. Would be able to attain the inner Dhamma in every life time, till the ultimate of Dhamma.

The merits of participate in offering to Lord Buddha ceremony is limitless. Could clear away all hindrance of karma and fulfil the perfect life.