Why All These People Gather Together to Perform Alms Giving?

On 3 Nov’2019(Saturday) as a week-end, most people would prefer to have a nap and good rest at home. But in Thailand, on week-end, most people would wake up early, meet with their friends and go to temple performing alms giving, practice meditation and listen to Dhamma Talk.

Well practice Sangha fill the role as the field of merits for the public.

Before the alms giving ceremony, all devotees chant the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta and practice meditation, and the representative leader of the donors will lead the public to recite the words of offering to the Sangha.

Till here, everyone would know that the gathering of all these people, is to perform alms giving to the Sangha. In order to, perform good deeds and support Buddhism.

With bliss, everyone offer their offerings to the Sangha

These nice pictures of performing good deeds, will engrave on one’s mind of the donors. Able them to recall it, daily in the future.

We should remember, regardless of how wealthy we are. The most precious is that devout and the mind of respectful, which is the most valuable.

The true caring and greeting from our inner mind

From the age of young, could have the opportunity to perform good deeds. This is already one of our most precious wealth.

After the end of the ceremony, everyone assisted in clear up the site of the ceremony. It is fill with bliss, rejoice the merits of everyone participation. On every first Sunday of the month, on morning 6 o’clock. We welcome everyone gather at Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple, to perform good deeds and accumulate merits.