Dhamma News :Rejoice the merits on Offering Kathina Robe to 119 temples in 9 Countries

In Theravada Buddhism countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, etc. During the raining season, started from solar calendar 15 July till 3 months later. And by practice during in the Buddhist lent. It is called the Buddhist lent period. During the Buddhist Lent period, the monks should stay in the temple focus on study and practising to improve themselves. A upon the end of this period. The individual temple will organise its own offering of Kathina Robe Ceremony. All devotees will come from all areas to celebrate and perform offering. After this, the monks could leave the temple and travel around for visiting, teaching etc, activities.

Offering Kathina Robe ceremony is one of nice Buddhism custom tradition,which have been inherited for more than 2500 years. This tradition could retrospect back to the era of Lord Buddha, during then much monks came from all directions to visit the Lord Buddha in Jetavana. When they arrived with their robe were shabby, therefore the Lord Buddha being benevolence to allow the monks after the Buddhist lent period, could exchange the old robe with a new one. The custom of offering Kathina robe begin from then till the present.

The master Dhammajayo make up one’s mind to offer Katina robe to various countries temples, to support the countries that make Buddhism as their national region, to support the extend on the life span of Buddhism. Therefore, on the Year 2019. We sincerely invite everyone to rejoice the merits on offering Kathina robe to total 119 temples in 9 countries, which is between 13 October till 13 November 2019, in succession to the 9 countries- India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, to offer and support on the funding with the offering of the Kathina robe.