Dhamma News:Year 2019 Chiang Mai Thailand the Middle Way Meditation Retreat (Media Language:Mandarin)Open for Registration

The Middle Way Meditation Retreat organising period :8-15 Dec 2019. We welcome those (for laypeople) who interested in practice and learn about meditation, come and join us. Give yourself a break, seeking for the true inner peace and happiness for yourself. The application deadline is 25 Nov 2019.

The meditation retreat will be held at the Su-Jing-Nor Meditation Center, Chiang Mai, the northern part of Thailand. The weather at this Meditation Center is between 8 -15 o C . This activity is especially conduct for the Mandarin speaking participants. During the 7 days, there are teaching monks explaining the method of meditation in an orderly manner. When you have a doubt, clear answer will be provided. And there are also layman supporters to take care of your living there. The place provided the great nature environment with fresh air, open and vast of the Changi Mai mountain。Which in turn will balance our body and mind, for the true practice with meditation.

Practising meditation is a form of method to purify our mind. It allows us to face the stresses of life, difficulty and problems in a calm and balanced way. At the same time, through observe the truth of our body and mind. It also could help us to remove the root cause of our suffering.

The feature of this meditation retreat is allowing the whole family could be involved. The activities have been divided into adult, youth and children classes. Every class will be in charge by the abbot from the individual overseas branch centre or guided by well experienced teaching monks.

The parents could have a peace of mind, in practising meditation and listen to the Dhamma talk.

The youth group will follow the respective teaching monks, in learning Dhamma and practising meditation.

The children group, beside practice meditation and listen Dhamma talk. There will be various forms of outdoors activities, like tour around the garden, making Thanksgiving card, drawing, etc.

There is another activity, which is involve in perform Alms giving to the Sangha. This is one of indispensability activity, which is part of the Thailand Buddhism culture. Which the Thailand monks need to perform daily, in term of receiving foods, medicine and necessaries from the laypeople. At the same time, it also provided opportunity for the laypeople to accumulate merits for themselves. Because the triple Gem of Buddhism is greatest field of merit in the world, support the triple Gem could gain limitless of merits.

Offering to the Triple Gem, is consider the greatest form action in cultivate merits, accumulate merits, gain goodness, eliminate karmic obstacles.Which also a form action that perform  with one’s own accord and happiness.

Practising meditation in the outdoor, close to the great nature. Which allow our mind’s to be even more free and easy.

Practice meditation allow us to calm our fickle mind, and in order for us to understand ourselves better, elevate our ability. Therefore, the middle way meditation had gradually become the indispensable part of human beings. Therefore, every year the Singapore Dhammakaya Centre, would come to this forest retreat site. To conduct the Mandarin Middle way Meditation Retreat, we sincerely invite everyone that interested in practice meditation could join us.

From 8 to 15 Dec’2019,

The meditation retreat will be divided into three groups:

1) children group ,2) Youth group and 3) Adult group.

The meditation retreat is suitable for these three age groups:

-Age between “7-11”: Children Group

-Age between “12-19”: Youth Group

-Age between “20-65&above”: Adult Group

The Daily routines are:

05:30-06:30 Morning chanting and practice Meditation

06:30-07:00 Exercise

07:15-08:00 Breakfast Time

09:00-11:00 practice Meditation

11:00-12:00 Lunch Time

14:00-15:30 practice Meditation

15:30-16:00 Listen to Dhamma Talk

16:30 Rest Time

18:30-21:00 Evening chanting and practice Meditation


1.No food provide after Lunch (Breakfast and Lunch are in buffet style, Evening Time: only drinks to be serve, like milk, hot chocolate, etc),

2.Age range from 7-65 old years, all people regardless of age and sex(only for laypeople)

3.Healthy and free from infectious diseases

4.Mental health, no mental illness

5.Do not take drugs or any narcotic drugs

6.Willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the meditation center

7.The camp only serves regular food, not vegetarian food

8.During the practice period, male and female live separately

9.During practice period, do not kill animals, do not steal, do not lie, do not commit adultery, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

The procedures in register for participating the retreat

– Understand the retreat activities

-Interested in participating the retreat

-Fill up the application form

-Wait for the reply

-Interview through phone or WeChat video

-Confirm participate the retreat

-Self preparation of Visa application (Could go throughout Travel Agent) ,Air-ticket

-Confirm the roundtrip air ticket and send a copy to the liaisons

-Prepare the personal necessities needed during the retreat

-Properly arrange your job and family related matters accordingly

-Have a peaceful mind, before going for the retreat.

Ways of Registration the retreat:

Fill up the application form, and attach a copy of your personal recent photo (kindly sincerity, completely fill up every required information on line with the following website:


you can review the past retreat activities video, with the following website:



  1. All retreat participants, need to self-manage the applications of Visa, booking air-ticket, etc. own expenses need to be taken care of oneself. It could also be taken care with your own appointed travel agency.


  1. Adult fee for joining the seven days retreat is 5000baht, 3500baht for youth and children fee. A upon arrival, kindly paid to the staff in charge.


  1. All participants arrive on the 8 Dec’2019, will be gather in two timing, please take note: 1200hrs and1700hrs meet at Thailand Chiang Mai International Airport. After gathering, all will take the arranged vehicles to the retreat location. On the 12 Dec’2019 1200hrs, all participants will send to the Thailand Chiang Mai International Airport. All participants need to book their return air ticket after 1200 hrs.


  1. If those arrive earlier or not able to meet as the common assemble timing provided. You need to self-arrange transportation with additional fee incur. example, taking taxi to the retreat location, etc.