Successfully Organised the 6th International Goodness Festival

On 17th August 2019, the meditation centre at the Hat Yai province of Southern Thailand organised the 6th International Goodness Festive. We rejoice the merits of all great devotee participants from China, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand arrive at the meditation centre at the Hat Yai province of Southern Thailand, to perform Generosity, Life Release, Keeping Precepts and Practice Meditation. And support in building of the Auspicious Heavenly Lotus Pagoda. In here, we share the beautiful scenes of these goodness actions with everyone. Wish that everyone would receive the same level of merits too.

During 0600hrs in the morning, everyone arrived at the meditation centre. To join the ceremony on pilling the last pillar of the Auspicious Heavenly Lotus Pagoda.

Today will be the pilling of the last pillar ceremony for the pagoda. It was a historic groundbreaking ceremony. This symbolise the building stage of the Southern Thailand meditation centre have initiated with a new milestone. At that special moment, the Chairman of the Sangha and various senior monk lead all devotees from all over the world, to perform the sacred pilling blessing ceremony.

Placing the Initial Treasure Soil Ceremony

Pouring Concrete into the Foundation Of

the Auspicious Heavenly Lotus Pagoda Ceremony

The water in the sea never be overflow, and a true wise man will never stop in performing good deeds. And performing good deeds, include Perform Generosity, Keeping precepts and Practice meditation. The correct ways of performing good deeds, could allow us to have good mood, feel bliss, also allow us to gain prosperous and happiness.

Ceremony on Deliverance of the Deceased Relatives

To perform the ceremony on deliverance of the deceased relatives, by dedicate merits to them. Dedication itself already is form of merits. This type of dedication of merits won’t incur any loss to the dedicators themselves.  In fact, the more you dedicate, the more merits you gain. This is just like you use a candle to light up another candle. Yourself already is a candle. And it won’t because of that and loss the brightness. In fact, when you have light up another candle, and the other candle would gain the brightness too.

The dedication depends on our mind and our thought: I have an opportunity to perform this merit, and there are others who don’t have the opportunity to perform this type of merit. Therefore, because of this reason, when we have opportunity to perform it, we should share with others and share with all beings. Especially, there are two forms beings could receive this type of dedication merits: 1.  Celestial beings, 2. Low level Spirits. They just need to rejoice the merits, then they could gain the merits. Therefore, we need to invite them to rejoice the merits. When we invite them to rejoice the dedicated merits, they could receive it by just flip their mind. This is a good deed. The invitation itself already is a form of compassion, a form of generosity too. When we perform any merits, we willing to share, and we not stingy. That mind is a beautiful and kind one.

Rejoice of Merits is form of merit, a mind with a rejoice of merits intention is a kind , without jealousy one. When a person with a intention to rejoice others perform good deeds , just need to said: “Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! ” ,which mean is the way to express “rejoice of your merits”.It have a very good meaning in Thai. When some one could see the goodness of others and  praise it.Your mind will be direct toward the same goodness direction.

Sharing of merits in fact is the form of dedication and rejoice of merits. Today we have performed the merits on keeping precepts, practice meditation, generosity and listen to Dhamma Talk. May all these performed merits, become the supports towards the help for us to end our suffering and realize nirvana as soon as possible. Of course, we don’t forget to dedicate these merits towards all beings. May all beings will rejoice these merits, and eventually able to end all sufferings and gain happiness.

35 Cattle were Released

No matter how much wealth we have 1 billion? 10 billion? 100 billion? What if we meet misfortune, that mean the time allow to spend that wealth will be reduce accordingly; If we lose our life, that wealth would be meaningless to us!

The Lord Buddha said: “What you sow, is what you get”. Perform generosity with life, will get life in return. And could also extend our life span. When we understand the benefit of life release. Let us join the life release ceremony together, to accumulate goodness and extend our life span for ourselves and our love one. Together we develop a better and perfect life for ourselves.

These cattle will be allocated to the farmers for feeding and taken care them for life.

The farmers have vowed after receiving these cattle, will not harm their life. And will take good care of them. We are grateful to everyone in performing the goodness in saving life. May everyone gain limitless merits on life release.

We would like to thank the young volunteers of the meditation center. Wish everyone of them to gain the same amount of merits as us. We will meet each other in 20th August 2020 at the meditation center of the southern Thailand. To participate in the 7th International Goodness Festival together.