The Sharing on the Successful Completed, the 5th International Right Path Eight Precepts Practice Activity

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand have successfully organised the 5th “International Right Path Eight Precepts Practice” activity at the International Buddhist Monk Training Centre (IBTC). This activity contents consists of walking meditation, Vipassana meditation, listen to Dhamma Talk and learning about the 5 Universal Goodness (UG5), etc. In here, we share some of the beautiful scenes during the activities. Hence, share and rejoice the merits together. (Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu  mean “rejoice of merits” in Thai)

The “International Right Path Eight Precepts Practice” allow every participants to have the opportunity to practice keeping eight precepts, listen to Dhamma Talk, practice perform goodness, learn about the Buddhism culture, more importantly is to train yourself to be someone that could improve their morality, improve yourself, and practice yourself to be clean, tidy, courteous, punctuality and practice meditation.

There are total 38 devotees participate in this activity. Putting both one’s palm together seem simple,but it represented the in-depth teachings from the Lord Buddha. As the sutra mentioned, a sentence or even a word, which could represent endless meaning and status. Universal – a big world, Human Body – a small world, Human is a miniature of a universe, all Buddha bodhisattva are attainment from human beings.

During the period of the activity, there are teaching Monk explaining the method of the meditation practice in an orderly manner. When you have any doubts, it will be answer clearly, there will be laypeople supporters assist in arrange and taking care of all chores. These will facilitate you in enjoy the open and spacious of the nature environment in the surroundings, which in turn could balance the body and mind of everyone during the meditation practice.

The teaching monk will explain the definition of “Purify” according to the teaching from the Lord Buddha. “Purify of Actions” mean the action with morality, which include the keeping the precepts on No Killing, No Stealing, and No Sexual Misconduct. “Purify of Speech” mean No Lying, No Sow Discord,No Harmful Speech,No gossip. “Purify of Thoughts” mean Don’t jealous of others, No hatred, Be mindful. Only when someone possess these qualities, could consider to be a person with purified Action, Speech and Thought.

The International Right Path Eight Precepts Practice lack of the worldly enjoyment, but more on the transcendent ways of life practices. Not purely just enjoy the joy derive from the meditation practice, but through the clearing of the surrounding areas, and achieve the balance on both comprehend and practice.

Get away from all the noises, worries and sorrow, seek for the oasis of happiness in life, learn to practice the teachings of the Lord Buddha, let your body and mind return to its rightful serenity and peacefulness.

Alms Offering allow laypeople the opportunity to get close to the Triple Gem of Buddhism, in order to further learning about the original teachings of Lord Buddha. The laypeople form ties with the triple Gem through performing the goodness of generosity or realize the present of triple Gem and have opportunity to learn about the Dhamma. To perform the alms offerings in the correct manners, is the best way to show that the Triple Gem of Buddhism still exit. Which is a great contribution to the world.

We have peform another ten goodness deeds : generosity,keeping precepts, practice meditation, being respectful, serve the triple Gem, make dedication, rejoice merits of others, listen to Dhamma talk,assist in propagation of Buddhism, be righteous.May all these merit of goodness could assist us in the future in escape from Samsara.

Light up the lanterns offering to Lord Buddha, and passing on to others.With the light of the lanterns shine toward each other. It also light-up the lantern in our minds. It also allowed us to spread the great loving kindness toward every corners of the world. And share the benefits of the teaching of Lord Buddha toward the mind of everyone.

The brightness of the lanterns would clear all the confused ego of ours. It also develop our wisdom, and secure our victory on extrication.

The action of passing on of the lanterns, symbolise us pass on the wisdoms and loving kindness of the Lord Buddha, towards the minds of everyone. Which will bring limitless of warmth, hopes, peace and well.

In 2019, the 5th International Right Path Eight Precepts Practice Activity have successfully completed. We would look forward see you in 04-12 January 2020 the 6th batch of the International Right Path Eight Precepts Practice.

May the merits on extend the life span of Buddhism, to be share with others and all beings of the world. May all the wishes on performing goodness, could be realise immediately, everything goes as what you wish for, attain the Eye, attain the inner Dhammakaya. May we in every life time ahead could purse perfections, till the ultimate of Dhamma. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu (mean: “rejoice of merits” in Thai)