The Great Joy Announcement: On 4th August’2019, the Grand Ceremony on Offering Foods to 1,323 Temples

On 4th August’2019, Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand hold the International Meditation Day ceremony together with 6 great meritorious ceremonies. And invite everyone with great virtue to join the grand ceremony and rejoice the bliss.

1. The ceremony on offerings to Lord Buddha and meditation practise (the “First Sunday of the month” Ceremony) which have been organised by the temple for the past 50 over years.

2. The 32nd celebration of Bhikkhu graduation ceremony with the Pali grade 9

3. The 16th presentation on the honorary certificates and scholarships to the model Buddhist college ceremony

4. The 20th anniversary on offering foods and supports to 1,000 Buddhist temples ceremony

5. The 146th offering foods and supports to 323 temples of the four Southern provinces of Thailand ceremony

6. The 111st offering funds to the teachers of the four Southern provinces of Thailand ceremony

In here, we like to sincerely invite all with great virtue, who would like to accumulate and develop on all sources of merits. Which enable you to have more happiness and brightness in life. We also rejoice the merits for offering and supporting towards the 6 grand ceremonies mentioned above. Especially, on the offering ceremony to the Sangha from the 1,232 temples. You could contact the various branches or the meditation centres, near your regions.

Wish everyone that participate and support, on the merits for extend the life span of Buddhism. May everyone be healthy, be happy, with happiness, improve on both your wellness and wealthy accordingly, and could free from the cycles of life and death, reach the ultimate of Dhamma soon.