The Hair Clipping Ceremony on the Year 2019 of the 17th International Dhammadayada Ordination Program

Every July of the year, there are always males from all over the world, come to participate in the International Dhammadayada Ordination Program (IDOP) organise by Wat Phra Dhammkaya Thailand. This year is the 17th IDOP. There are total 61 males came from 23 countries & regions. On 12 July’ 2019, it is the auspicious day that every Dhammadayada performing their hair clipping ceremony.

Solemnly and orderly of the procession, walk into the hair clipping ceremony.

Every Summer of the years, in Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand would organise annually the short-term ordination program (The full name of the program is called the “International Dhammadayada Ordination Program”, for short is “IDOP”.), the participants come to Thailand for a period of about one month plus, to experience the life of the short-term ordination. They come with the mind set to study the Buddhist cultures, train up themselves, diligently practice meditation and pursue perfections. After completing the program, the participants could make use of the knowledges gained and apply them into their daily life, to benefit themselves and the society in the long term.

As a Buddhist, we should not be speciosity, which only treat Buddhism as ornaments or clothes. But to understand the teaching of Lord Buddha, which is the essential knowledges in life.

If we spent our whole life and don’t have the opportunity to study the teaching of Lord Buddha, those who don’t know could lead us toward the path of ignorance. It may properly lead us toward the path of evil. Because they don’t know how to guide their mind toward the goodness, and how to lead themselves toward the life with true happiness. Therefore, in order, to understand the correct way to live the rest of our life. How to smoothly reaches the path of goodness after our death. In this short-term ordination program, we should actively study the teachings of Lord Buddha.

The ceremony on shave off their hairs, have been existing since the era of the Gautama Buddha. It is an ancient ceremony, it also the important identity label of a Monk. Since ancient till the present, without interruption. It is the Inheritance and display of the culture of Buddhism.

The ceremony of shave off their hairs of the participants before initiated into their monkhood. It was pass down since the ancient time of the cultures of Thailand. For the friends and relatives of the participants to clip their hairs. It is a form of respect toward those who will be ordain as a disciple of the Lord Buddha and will be refuge toward the Triple Gem of Buddhism.

Under the teachings of Buddhism, everyone could go through all the phenomenon themselves on the awareness of physical, physiological, mental, social. To overcome the hardship, fear and limitation, realization of the great fullness of life itself. And create the grace, freedom, relax, magnanimous, awaken, abundant in life experience. The wisdom of Lord Buddha is inherent in every human being. Which have already guided numerous people toward the life with happiness!

And regarding about those intend to ordain, on why must shave off their hairs. There are four ways of the explanation:-

 (Shave off their hairs, to symbolize cut-off the worldly defilements)

Hairs have been symbolised as the “thread of defilements”. It said the hairs of the beings, represent their defilements, desires, vanity and feelings. Therefore, it often mentioned as “to cut off the three thousand threads of defilement” in the Chinese tradition.

In Buddhism, hairs represent the various connections between human and defilements. Shave off the hairs could help in cut-off the links between the human and defilements. Able to cut-off these links, then he could call himself as a member in the Buddhist monastery.


 (Shave off hairs, to symbolize cut-off the attachments of family relationship)

The ancients of the Chinese consider “Body hairs are given by the parents, dare not cause any the slightest injury”. For the entire body, include hairs, are provided by our parents. We should take good care of it, and don’t damage them. Otherwise it is considering as a form of disrespect, unfilial to their parents. Therefore, hairs have been considered very important in the Asia Chinese traditions.

Shave off hairs is to show the determination of the ordainers, in term of cut-off the worldly attachments with their parents and relatives, and focus on only the practising.

 (Shave off hairs symbolise to detach all non-goodness habits)

Worldly men have cultivated many non-goodness daily habitual and mentality. Examples, laziness, ruthless, indifference, pride, neglect, etc. In order, to show the determination to free from those non-goodness habitual actions. Which using the action of “shave off their hairs” as the way caution oneself and it also allow others to assist in supervise too.

 (In order to differentiate from other religions)

According to the history, when the Sakyamuni enlighten as the Gautama Buddha. At the basin of the Ganges river, he has started widely accepting many disciples. Because when the Buddha initially give sermon to his first five disciples. He then have shave off their hairs personally, symbolise that he has accepted five of them to be his disciples.

And during that time in India, there are many religion groups. In order, to differentiate from the other religion disciples in India. The Buddhists all shave off their hairs, after that shave off hairs have become one of entry ceremony for the Buddhism. The teachings of Lord Buddha are worldly, enlightenment can’t apart from worldly, if apart from worldly to search for enlightenment, it like searching for a rabbit with horn. Practising doesn’t depend upon locations, outlooks, but the inner mind of the individuals.

Droplets of water would become pool over time. Wise men will continue accumulate merits. In order, to fulfill their life. When one merits are reached the level of perfection. It is time for them enter the path of Nirvana. Nirvana the ultimate goal for all disciples of the Lord Buddha.

Every single thread of hairs that shave off, represent the unwavering determination and perseverance of every Dhammadayada. They already step on the path toward the pure, holiness. Which already prepare themselves preciseness to exercises one’s virtue, perfect themselves. In order, to become a respectful monk.

Everyone is hoping to have a life of happiness, in order, to face the confusion and annoyance within the world of the body and mind. Which how to overcome it? At this quick pace and changing moment, we need the sweet dew of the wisdom from the teachings of Lord Buddha. To moisturizes our body and mind, brighten up our inner brightness. In order, to shine the bind spots in our thoughts. And thoroughly clear off the defilements and obstacles.

On the process of self-development, by decide to ordain as a monk. It would allow us to benefit a lot from it, yet it would able them to culture much good moral characters and behaviours. The training of the Dhammadayada Ordination Program consists of three core areas: Disciplines, Respectfulness and   Perseverance. During the entire training periods, the mentor monks will arrange the training classes rationally. Carefully take care and guiding all the Dhammadayada.

In here, we rejoice the merits for those who would ordain as a monk, and we also rejoice all those supporters that have assist in making this program a successful one!