On June’2019 the Offering Ceremony held for supporting the 323 temples in the Four Southern province of Thailand

On 2 June’2019, at the refectory of the Master Nun Chand Khonnokyoong of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand held the Offering Ceremony on supporting the 323 temples in the four southern province of Thailand and the ceremony on pasting the gold leaf on the white Jade Ball activities, at the 4th floor of the Master Nun Chand Konnokyoong Centennial Building. The Sangha is the elite force on extend the lifespan of Buddhism. Therefore, we should be gather together to support the Sangha. Which allow more people to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the teaching of Lord Buddha, and able to practise it in their daily life.

Parents and the family members are the good role model, for the children. In term of generosity, should be start practice in their early age.In order to, allow the seed of goodness could thrive slowly.

For Wat Phra Dhammakaya and the foundation of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, and the other organizations in Thailand unite together. They provide monthly offering support to the 323 Buddhist temples, the soldiers and farmers, with dry foods and fund for utilities. In the four southern provinces of Thailand. They persist in propagate Buddhism and the teaching of Lord Buddha, to benefit the public. And at the same time, extend the life span of Buddhism. Be the field of merit for the people there.

Everyone came with a devout mind, gather together at one place. For performing good deeds, develop their field of merits, accumulate the food of goodness.

The people with true wisdom, would perform generosity in a consistence basic. In order, for them to accumulate merits for the future. And should be bliss with the sea of merits in their mind. Because perform good deeds would bring endless happiness toward themselves.

Supporting and offering to the Sangha. It is a very special activities, that is to inherit the goodness and beauty of Buddhism cultures. The offering itself doesn’t depends on the amount, but the sincerity and blissfulness of their mind.

Come to the temple is to purify and still your mind, don’t let your mind be affected by the external environments, and could maintain a still and peaceful mind to face the challenges from the daily life.

The followers paste the golden leaf on the auspicious white Jade balls with bliss, every white jade ball have turn into various golden jade Ball.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! (mean “rejoice your merits” in Thai) Wish the merits gain from this event, could reach all others and ourselves. And wish that all wishes towards all kinds of goodness, would be realize immediately, May all go well with you, attain the eye of Dhamma, attain the Dhammakaya within, every lifetimes could pursue perfection, till the ultimate of Dhamma.