The wonderful moment at Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand – in accumulate limitless merits

In Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand, there is a very special stupa. It is very similar to the outlook of Sanchi stupa in India. This stupa is made up of one million Buddha status. Every times we pay respect to this stupa, it as if we are paying respect to one million Lord Buddha. By pay respect the stupa 3 times   continuously, it as if we are pay respect to three million Lord Buddha. We wish that more people could come here, to pay respect to the million Lord Buddha personally.

Every single Dhammakaya Buddha status on the Great Dhammakaya Stupa, are casted with a cross legs meditation position. It represent purity, wisdom and embodiment of the grand master. This is because Lord Buddha have been brave and diligently in practicing meditation, eventually attain his inner Dhammakaya. His inner mind is the purest, in order to achieve the peacefulness and freedom for his body and mind. The harmonious and peacefulness of inner mind of every individual, could spread toward the people around them. It begin with build a family with happiness and harmonious, and extend to create a peacefulness and stability society, eventually expand toward building a world of people with love and respect toward each other.

The golden Dhammakaya Buddha status install closely in an orderly manner on top of the stupa. It symbolize the four communities of Buddhism will united together to create true peace. From far and top view of the great Dhammakaya Cetiya, is shining with boundless radiance like the sun, it symbolize the light of Buddhism shine without selflessness.

Facing the stupa with million Lord Buddha status, chanting as a group together. The sound of chanting is solemn and thrilling. The mind is fill with bliss.

The Sangha is one of the triple Gem in Buddhism. They shoulder the duty for extend the life span of Buddhism, propagation the teaching of the greatest teacher-Lord Buddha, toward the entire world. In order to, allow mankind could benefit from the teachings of Lord Buddha, and lead their life according to the teachings.

This stupa consists of million Lord Buddha status. It is the collective actions and efforts of million followers, till today. Countless people came here to pay respect, in order to look for the sense of self peacefulness and belief.

To accumulate perfections, as a form of food, that could allow us to bring  toward it into our afterlife. To reach the the utmost of Dhamma’.It is long journey,not just an immediate goal. And it require practice diligently, in term of accumulate prefections, not only one life,but numerous. Therefore, if we are well prepared in advance.We could practice perfections smoothly and safely in reaching the destination.

Allow the mind of the youth to establish connection with the Lord Buddha. It like the Big Dipper in the sky, could lead us the forwarding direction.

Offering the most beautiful flower to Lord Buddha. The sense of bliss from the mind, appear on the face.

Pay respect to Lord Buddha by chanting, could help us to purify our mind. It allow our mind to be still easily and attain the Dhamma within.

The most important task in life is to “engage good affinity”, to engage affiliation is simple. Just a word of praise, a good deed, a smile, a tiny assistance, could allow us to engage good affinity widely with others.

The beauty of this world has been determined. Then, could it be avoid from all prosperity and desolation, just keeping the original aspiration of pure beauty, and share the worldly stillness with yourself.

When you close your eye, the true journey in life just begin, allow our body and mind to relax, feel your inner sparkle sun. This is just the beginning of your life, finally you will reach – the imperishable happiness.  Place the ball of white jade around the shrine. This great merit, is as if joining the establishment of the main shrine. Everyone could rejoice and join the merit of offering the white jade ball.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand will held the ceremony of placing the auspicious white jade ball at the main shrine. We sincerely invite everyone to join and participate the event.

Followers paste the gold foil on the auspicious white jade ball, the white jade ball already become a golden jade ball.

In Wat Phra Dhammakaya main shrine, meditate quietly, chanting with respect, offering lotus and lighting up the lantern offering to Lord Buddha, enjoy the most beautiful moment with family and friend, and accumulate limitless merits. In here, we sincerely invite all friends from the entire world to come together, to search for the stillness and beautiful moment yourself.