The 3rd Global Buddhist Ambassador Award and Honorary Doctorate Degree Award Ceremony

On 18 May 2019,at the Global Buddhist Building of Wat Phra Dhammakaya  Pathum Thani Thailand (THE MASTER NUN CHAND KONNOKYOONG CENTENNIAL BUILDING) held the 3rd Global  Buddhist Ambassador award And Honorary Doctorate Degree Award ceremony.

The Global Buddhist Ambassador award is establish since 2014 by the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WBF) and the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand. The aim is to encourage globally of individual and groups that contribute in term of propagate the teachings of Lord Buddha and Buddhism. And also promote the sound development of Buddhism. On 15 February 2014, the 1st Global Buddhist Ambassador award ceremony. The award winner of Chinese individual was Master Xing Yun, the founder of “Fo Guang Shan” temple in Taiwan. The Tzu Chi Foundation, founded by Master Cheng Yan, is an award-winning in the Chinese group.  On 2015, the 2nd Global Buddhist Ambassador award ceremony. In the presence of the Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia De Wang and the nine Great Patriarch of Thailand. Master Jing Yao and Master Xin Dao from Taiwan, Master Yao Zhi and Master Ben Xing from the mainland China, and Master Wang Lian Zhang from Hong Kong were respectively awarded with the “Global Buddhist Ambassador Outstanding Contribution Award “, etc. The others like the Theravada Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia- De Wang, the Theravada Supreme Patriarch of Lao- Samal, the Chairman of Thai Chinese Sangha Council-the elder Ren De, as well as the Buddhist communities members from Asia, Europe, United States, Africa and others, more than 20 countries and regions.

In daily life, if we meet the reference on our action, speech and thoughts, we can put our hands together and pay respect, whenever you want. For the one that good in practice themselves, every actions of the body is a form of practice.

The global elite and leaders of Buddhism gather together, to witness and promote the development of Buddhism worldwide.

The Theravada Buddhism Sangha representative: the venerable Samdch Preah Uddommuni CHEA SAM ANG from Cambodia; the Mahāyāna Buddhism Sangha representative: the venerable De Hui from the Taiwan Propagation Pure Land Association, Taiwan; the Tibetan Buddhism representative: the venerable Sangey Yonten from Bhutan.

Start with pay respect to the Triple Gem, follow by the chanting and blessing by the monks from Theravada, Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhism.

The arrival of the elder venerable Phra teprattanasuthi, the Governor of province Pathum Thani Thailand and the Honorary Chairman of the World Buddhism Federation,together they lead the participants for chanting with blessing.

Presented the well prepare Honorary Doctorate Degree Certificate and souvenirs, according to the respective individual and Group representative winners. And given them their most sincere blessing!

The participants of this ceremony, will also receive their souvenirs from the elder venerable Chairman.

The Chairman of History Research Foundation: Dr. Heero Hito read out the presenting message of the “Global Buddhist Ambassador Award” to the elder venerable Phra teprattanasuthi, the Governor of province Pathum Thani Thailand and the Honorary Chairman of the World Buddhism Federation.

The presentation ceremony have been completed successfully. And taken a group photo for memory. It highly praise the winners for their efforts in propagation of Buddhism. And it also encourage all in term of their efforts in Buddhism development, propagation of Buddhism and cultivate Buddhism talents. Wish everyone fill with bliss.