Saturday Meditation Class, Dhammakaya meditation center of Palm Beach (DMCPB)

On Saturday 4th May, 2019. DMCPB organized the English Meditation Class from 9:30am – 11:10am, where there were 4 participants joined the class.

The class started with Yoga by DeeAnne, (Yoga teacher volunteer).

Then the teaching monk, Ven. Suved, guided the participants to meditate for 40 minutes with the relaxation, awareness and the 7th base of the Mind method.

In the class, the teaching monk used the clear crystal sphere as the object and Samma Arahang mantra.

After that, Ven. Suved spent appropriate time for good questions and good answers also, sharing the inner peace experiences together.

After the class, the participants also join the food offering to the monk and made a donation for supporting the meditation class.