The Impressed Scene, Magnificent Momentum in Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand with 10,000 novices ordination ceremony

On 6th April 2019, 10,000 teenagers ordain as novices at the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand. That is time where they will be perform self-train, cultivate good habits, to accumulate goodness for their life, in another status as a novice. And wish that all people from the entire world would support the teaching of Lord Buddha, extend the life span of Buddhism, to enable everyone to be purify by the teaching of Dhamma. Wishes for true world peace and all people live a happy life.

The morning is cool and refreshing, 10,000 young ordainers hold their robe with their both hands. And circumambulate around the Great Dhammakaya Cetiya with million Lord Buddha. Which is representing the sacred place for the triple Gem of Buddhism. They decide to ordain, train themselves and study the teaching of Lord Buddha.

Together they face the Cetiya with million Lord Buddha and request to be ordain as the disciples of Lord Buddha.

To light up the joss sticks and candles, wishing that the teaching of Lord Buddha would enlighten the wisdom of individual. To direct everyone toward the path of brightness.

According to the local tradition of Thailand, every man before entering into their adulthood must ordain at least once in their life. To enter the temple study the ways of Buddhism, learn the ways of how to be a right human. Then, after resume back to their secular life in society and family. He could become a man that understand and perform one’s duties, understand filial piety, with kind heart, and be one’s that could be beneficiary to the society. This tradition have been pass on till now, which is still the self-awareness and disciplines behavior of Thai people. Because, those who have study the teaching of Lord Buddha could have profound understanding, with Buddhist cultures which enable them to gain wisdom, understand one’s duties, which could benefit them a lot in their life.

The Thailand senior monk of the abbot of Wat Rajorasarama – Luang Por Thongdi Suratejo (Phra Mahāphōthiwongsāčhān) [with Bali Grade 9 Level, member of the Thai Royal Academy], with compassion to be a chairman of the Sangha for the ordination ceremony.

When the ceremony on 10,000 Dhammadayada facing the Cetiya request for ordination was completed. All Dhammadayada came to the Meditation Hall of Dhammakaya, which could accommodate 300,000 people. And officially request for keeping the ten precepts as novices.

The moment of just about to put on the robe. Firstly, the mind have to be still, in order to purify one’s actions, speech and thought. And allow themselves to become a true ordainer.

The ceremony on request for ordain as a novice, to put on the robe represent the flag of victory of the Arahant.

The grand scene of the ordination ceremony site, is the impressed scene, magnificent momentum. It is also one of the major happy event in Buddhism.

The precious robe, it value doesn’t depend on its physical value. But it represent the duty of the ordainer. To propagate, manifest of Buddhism and perform the salvation for all beings.

The representative of the ordainer, offer flowers to the preceptor (In Buddhism, it is refer to the main teaching monk that initiated the ordainer into monkhood or nunhood). With this acts, not matters where we are, with a sincere and respectful attitude, it would allow our life to be pleasant and auspicious.

“To all male Buddhists, the merits for the ordination not only extend till their next life, even in the present life they could reaping various form of benefits.  More importantly, he will gain knowledges, wisdom, the more in-depth understanding of this world, and the knowledges related to society, economics, materials and spiritual. Ordain not only just share off the hair and put on the robe. But more toward the training, practice and embody the education of Buddhism.”

Because the present of the triple-Gem of Buddhism. Therefore, today we are lucky enough to be able to realize the teaching of Lord Buddha. However, the propagation of Buddhism still depends on the efforts from all people of the world. Let support Buddhism together, and allow our descendants could be wisely guide by the teaching of Lord Buddha.

To be able to meet a good teacher in life, is consider very auspicious and lucky. As especially when the great teacher could point out and guide us toward the path of brightness. As they could listen attentively to the teachings from the preceptor before the ordination.

Put one’s palms together devoutly, heart feel sincerely, the mind is crystal clear and fill with blissing.

The short-term ordination is a form of moral training. It also could develop the personality. The temple organize short-term ordination very frequently, which the public able to have opportunity to perform self-reflection, develop self- moral personality, provide the manners in which one lives. Especially, the behaviors of the senior monks in Buddhism. Which could become the model, as an example, to be respect, to learn from, for us. Which could beneficial our whole life.

We believe that every novices could reap their own happiness from the training, even it coming to end of this program. When return back to their daily life routine. The content of the ordination must also have a profound impact on them. Wishing that more teenagers in the future could join this school holidays novices ordination program. For themselves, for parents and family members to accumulate goodness. In order, to develop a better world together too.

To left home just like a bird abandon their nest

Without any worry and attachment

Start a solemnity and sacred life

Look for the path toward Nirvana

With only three sets of monk robe

Be blessing regardless in awake or dream status

With eight monkhood tools as the only property

Only rely on the offering from the believers

Bearing on starvation and hardships

Make effort in study the scriptures

Rove all over the world

Concentrate on practice

Devote our life in study Dhamma

Able to detach from reincarnation

Vanquish the evil soldiers

{This was translated from the content of the lyrics of a song}