A group of people in Wat Phra Dhammakaya that is unknown to public – Buddhists Volunteers

At Wat Phra Dhammakaya there are about 10,000 Buddhists volunteers that came from all walk of life in the Thai Society. Buddhist volunteers is a group of people that practice the spirit of selfless, kindness and helpful, with egoism and altruism feelings as the Bodhisattva’s disciple in Buddhism. Being volunteers is also consider as a form of practice, with the mindset to support the monastery staff and others. This is a form of contribution in term of intention and willing to sacrifice, and also a kind of offering with their strength and time.

Many activities allow people to have an opportunity to come to the temple and stay close to Buddhism. Especially, during some of the important religion festival, the public have involved with these activities. They have successfully perform their duty. This is done with the spirit of sacrifice. The volunteers not only assist the temple successfully completed many projects, And through the will of sacrifice, respect, humble and responsibility, learning about the concept of moral. When these volunteers completed their study and begin to start working. Majority of them have come back to the temple during their leisure time, continue to contribute as a volunteer. Not only that, they also enable to provide guidance to the new generation of volunteers. We could build up the new generation, at the same time also preserve the elite of the prior generation, together it provide a firm and permanent foundation.

The volunteers regardless of different in ages, no need to place hopes on the future. At the present moment, that is the way to practice the Bodhisattva’s way. In term of the bring happiness, with a kind heart to serve the public. To be born as a human being is not easy, we need to treasure it, and seize every opportunity on the   present moment. To make wise and goodness connections, would that be a more meaningful life.

Be a volunteers may seem to be very ordinary, with an ordinary face, with a set of ordinary uniform. The extraordinary of volunteers, is their mind and spirit. Volunteers are the happy ordinary people, and also the angel in the human realm.

Volunteers are all equal on status, they all possess the same spirit on accumulate merits and dedication. Volunteers perform their duty accordingly, with the spirit of selfless, kindness and helpful, and egoism and altruism feelings. Even though they don’t get pay. But their job is priceless, although they contribute in silent. But the happiness they gain are endless. If you wish to cultivate your own goodness, and willing to contribute on the efforts in helping others to gain the true happiness in their life.

Even though a lot of people have been enjoy the modernization in their life. But their mind are still fill with emptiness. If you could make use of your time, strength, ability wisely. Not only that you won’t feel the emptiness in your mind, your life would be more fulfill. Being as a volunteer, regardless of how much you have contributed. It is consider practice accordingly to the teaching of the Lord Buddha. Which are accumulating goodness and gain wisdom for ourselves. To dedicate ourselves as volunteer, for the benefits of the public. It is not to burden ourselves with fame, gain, desires. But to access great freedom, not entanglement with greed. “Which are reduce the effect of defilements and gaining wisdom.”

Everyone contribute according to their ability, strive diligently. The main duty for volunteers are to grow their loving kindness, be kind, likeable, to spread the seed of merits. The volunteers seem to be helping others, eventually what they have contributed would benefit themselves.

To perform well on a simple task, it is not simple. To perform well on a normal task, it is not normal.

Buddhist volunteers like the full bloom lotus, spreading it fragrant around the temple, influence the public. To follow the teaching of the Lord Buddha, and to spread a scent of cool and refreshing feeling in the world.

All Buddhists of the world should united as one, change the world, and allow their kindness acts to be remember by the world forever. Regardless of ages, races, spread the seed of love and care to everyone. And allow it to sprout, take root and growth.

This world and you are interdependence, for peace and happiness to be able to coexist. It only need a tiny strength that dedicated from you. This world will be become much cooler and refreshing, beautiful and peaceful, more suitable for us to stay.