World Peace from Inner Peace

Happiness is what human being have been search and dream for since ancient time. One of philosopher have thought that since ancient time till now, people have try to define many definitions and theories on happiness. But still can’t answer this question – who could successfully discover the true Happiness? I believe if we observe everyone, we will discover that we all have the same element: body and mind. We could use drinks, foods and quality materials to pamper our physical body. But if we our mind are not clear or try get pleasure from certain forms of entertainment. Is that consider true happiness? If our physical body feel pains and suffering from sickness. We still call that true happiness? But if when we learn to balance our body and mind, people could find their own inner happiness.

They still could have self-aware to say that this is the true happiness. All mankind could discover this true happiness and the aim as a human beings. We could go through with correct and nice way to guide our life, till all people could obtain the lasting inner peace. This is foundation of peace, which also the objective of the venerable Dhammajayo devote oneself to achieve.

“The people of the entire world are one family.

We are breathing the same air,

Drinking the same water source under the same sky,

See the same sun, moon and stars.

We are staying in the same world, since we are born.”

以上是法胜师父,以充满慈悲法喜之心,献给全世界人类的话。 不论任何国籍、语言、宗教或种族,他都以同样伟大的精进心,带领全球大众,以静坐来寻找内在真正的快乐。只有当人们的心都充满了快乐和慈悲,真正的世界和平才会诞生。


The above mentioned are words given from the venerable Dhammajayo, with a mind fill with blissing and loving kindness. Regardless of nationality, languages, religions or races. He would also provide the same great diligence, leading the people of the world, using meditation as the tool to seek for the true inner happiness. Only when all people minds are fill with happiness and loving kindness, the true world peace will occur.

All these years, the venerable are following this objective closely. Every words that he have taught, every virtue that he have demonstrated, are the role model for the people that beside him. And encouraging the one that follow him as a disciples. In order, for us to be able to reach the common goal earlier. Let us head towards the common goal together.

The venerable Dhammajayo of Wat Phra Dhammakaya have devote his entire life on propagate the teaching of Lord Buddha and strive to extend the life span of Buddhism. And always promote world peace and harmonious. Hoping that everyone could understand the truth of their life, and find their inner happiness, through their inner peace. And could realize the external world peace. He also sincerely hope that more individual to join in the effort.

The great Dhammakaya Cetiya represent through “Inner peace of individual, to realize the external world peace.” World peace can’t be achieve alone. It have to be the efforts on persistence and dedication from everyone. Which also represent the solidarity and friendship from people of the entire world. The dome of the great Dhammakaya Cetiya, is the sign, of the biggest place where the Buddhists of the entire world and those who fond of peace, could gather to practice meditation together. It shape like the ring of light from the sun. It also symbolize the strength of loving kindness, goodness and peace that will spread throughout the whole world. This is the objective of the foundation of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, which under the leadership of the venerable Dhammajayo. That dedicate to open up the peaceful mind of individual hence establish world peace.

World peace is the final result of purify the mind of individual with serenity. Therefore, we need to look for a resting place away from the environment that has been eroded by the desire of the world, and with turbidity uneasiness. In order to, seek for the fulfillment of our mind and acquire the kind of happiness that not related to material and environment. Therefore, through practice meditation contiunously,allow our mind to settle down.And still at the center of the body.It allow us to be at ease, happy and open-minded.This is so-called”Mind that narrow is the cause of trouble,Mind that broaden is the source of goodness”.

Now Wat Phra Dhammakaya have continuously establish temples and meditation centers around the world. To provide opportunity for more people to understand the important to purify the mind. Not only to promote world moral, yet become the source for the whole world to obtain the true happiness.

World Peace Through Inner Peace

( The book autobiography of the venerable Dhammajayo)

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