Venerable Dhammajayo devote his entire life for World Peace

Venerable Dhammajayo of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand have devote his entire life in propagate the teaching of Lord Buddha and strive to extend the life span of Buddhism. And continuously promote world peace and harmonious. Hoping that everyone could understand the truth of their life, and find their inner happiness, through their inner peace. And could realize the external world peace. He also sincerely hope that more individual to join in the effort.

This year Venerable Dhammajayo (former Luang Por Dhammajayo) of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand, already 74 years old and have been ordained as a monk for more than 50 years. He said that “World peace is not any single group, team nor country could achieve it alone. Since the beginning, everyone in the world are involved. If anyone think that any individual could able to achieve peace. He should continue the efforts. But we must collaborate, in order to allow the true world peace could be realize eventually.”

Venerable Dhammajayo born in 22nd April 1944, he started studied the teaching of Lord Buddha since 1963. He completed his degree course in 1969, and determine to ordain as a monk for life. After one year he ordain as a monk, there was a kind donor – Lady Prayad Pattayapongsavisuttatibodi donated with devotional sincerity, a piece of 77 acres land to the venerable to build the temple. This piece of land located at Khlong Luang Khlong San province Pathumthani, Thailand. In 1970,on the Magha Puja festival period, venerable Dhammajayo have started to lead his disciples and followers, to work together to build Wat Phra Dhammakaya.

Over time and with age, after forty over years with few generations of sustained efforts. The temple gradually begin to take shape, the followers are increasing steadily. Whenever there is a Buddhism festival with organized ceremony, there are ten over thousands followers join with the gathering practice. This causes the original area couldn’t accommodate the increase in participants. Due to this issue, all the followers voluntary offer donations in purchase of new areas for the expansion. After the gradually of expansion, the temple current total areas is around 988 acres (2,500 rai).

Wat Phra Dhammakaya has always held its original purpose: develop a good temple, cultivating right monks, and people with goodness. The temple in long term always focus on organize different kinds of ceremonies and activities. And with these, it try to revive the moral, and strive to extend the life span of Buddhism. Example,

The entire Thailand short-term ordination program, which allow every Thai male to have the opportunity to learn about the teaching of Lord Buddha, in order to elevate self-moral.

Organize international short-term ordination program, which allow the foreign male to experience the monkhood life-style of Theravada Buddhism. In order to understand the culture of Buddhism.

Daily diligently practice, self- elevation, be the field of merits for the public.

V-Star (Virtuous Star) Project for World Morality Revival : This project is organize for the kid and children. The aim is to allow them to cultivate good characters since their young age. These include to realize the goodness of others, with a spirit of sacrifice, develop the quality with pleasure from helping others. At the same time, through practice meditation. To enable them to calm their mind, not influence by the negative environment.

Meditation is the method to purify the mind, and it enable them to face their nervous, difficulty and problems with the sincerity and stability way. Through observe their own body and mind, to eliminate suffering.

Both local and overseas have also organize the middle way meditation programs, which able the whole world to have an opportunity to purify their mind, and to discover the happiness that originally belong to themselves.

As before for 50 years, Venerable Dhammajayo have never flinch and boredom. Still holding on teaching the public to be generosity, keeping precepts and practice meditation. Even though he have being attack or frame by the external. He is still stand firm and diligently propagate the teaching of Lord Buddha and benefit the public. And also cultivate more people with goodness, in order to extend the life span of Buddhism and enable Buddhism to be thriving and prosperous continuously.

Buddhism is the religion of peace. Which teach everyone to be “avoid all evil, perform all goodness, purify our mind, is the core teaching from all Buddha.”. In everywhere of the world, the Buddhism activities that assist the people to expand their life, understand the value of our mind, revive the moral of the world. Which also become the source of true happiness and peace for all humans.