10,000 children participate in the novices short-term ordination program – to plant the seed of new generation that will extend the lifespan of Buddhism

Since the establishment of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand nearly 50 years. The temple main duty is to train their inner staff of monks and laypeople, in order to plant the seed of moral into the mind of people. Therefore, in order to inherit the Buddhism culture. The recruitment of the new generation of Buddhist monks, to expand the Buddhism team is   essential. In April of B.E 2562 (C.E.2019) ,total of 30days. Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand have organized 10,000 children for participate in the summer holiday novices short-term ordination program.

Every years, there are many children joining this event. Which many after the ordination, have developed a strong faith in their monasticism. Which after the program, they have continue to stay, in order to become a good monk in the future. They will be arrange to go back to the temples at their own home town. Which in turn also reduce the number of abandon temples in the country.

During the holiday season, they choose to come into the temple to perform self-training, cultivate self-disciple, patience and respect, etc. At the same time, understand Buddhism and learn about the teaching of Lord Buddha. And practice meditation, cultivate will power. In order to, enrich their experience in life.

In Thailand, to ordain as a monk. It is very praiseworthy. Not only the one who ordain benefited. Their parents and relatives will also benefited from the merits generated. Even though those who rejoice their merits will also benefited too.

A sheared strand of hair, represented the firm determination and perseverance of every Dhammadayada. They have already prepare to step on the path of purity and holiness. And be prepare to be rigorously practice their virtue, perfect themselves, in order to be become a respectful monk.

“For all the male Buddhists, the merits on ordain as a monk not only extend to the future, but could benefited with much aspects in this life too. More importantly, the one will reward with the knowledge, wisdom, able to understand this world with greater comprehension. And also understand the society, economics, materials and spiritual knowledge. Ordination not only just shave off their hairs and donned a monk’s cassock. But to be able to train, practice and embody the teaching from the lord Buddha. ”

With the present of the triple Gem of Buddhism. It provide the opportunity for us to attain our own inner Buddha nature. But inherit of Buddhism need the efforts from all people of this world, to support Buddhism. In order to allow our descendent could be guide by the light of wisdom.

Such a scene, is so harmonious, let us really feel very touched.

During the period that the children that haven’t go through the novices ordination ceremony. They need to write down their love toward their parent in the card form. Subsequently, they need to personally present it to their parents.

One of the kid that feel grateful to his parent, every times when he fall sick. His parents will provide him with meticulous care. He said his mother support his education with hard earn money. And encourage him to study hard. He said even his is very mischievous, his mother still take care and love him without any conditions.

Every man that about to ordain, they have to kneel down in front of their parents and relatives, and bid farewell to them. Their parents and relatives have to put one’s palms together devoutly, to accept his farewell.

During this one month period of short-term ordination program. It not only provide the children an opportunity to be independent. The most important is enable them to cultivate good habits, like cleanliness, orderliness, politeness, punctuality and practice meditation.

There are 16 benefits in term of ordain as a novice.

01. Become someone that could manage time effectively.

02. Even the training time is short, But if practice diligently. Even in their early age, could experience the true happiness from the serenity of the mind.

03. Have the opportunity to study the knowledge of Dhamma. And able to understand the correct way on implement them into the daily life.

04. Living as a group, could train for discipline, and understand the culture of Buddhism.

05. Have opportunity to practice meditation, allow our mind to be in tranquility. It could be an assistance in future study.

06. Be Blessing in term of having the opportunity to perform good deeds in the earlier age.

07. Able to realize the true objective in life – “What we are born for?”

08. Cultivate patience, which could help in facing difficulty without withdraw.

09. To understand yourself with distinct.

10. Be a man of reasonable.

11. Able to really purify your own actions, speech and thoughts.

12. Able to really practice as a form of spiritual offering.

13. With temporary victory over defilements, and prepare to be a true winner.

14. Able to find the true happiness in the Human realm.

15. The winner of your own life.

16. Open up the road toward extraction.

To propagate the right understanding and awareness from the Dhamma,

Deliver the love and warmth from Buddhism,

To provide the right energy for the society.

The main benefit of Ordination :

To close the door toward Hell, and open the path toward Heaven.

In here, we rejoice their merits on ordain as a monk. And rejoice the merits with all efforts that make this ordination program possible.