Blissfulness – Chanting , lighting up lanterns, and the circumambulation of the Great Dhammakaya Cetiya

Blissfulness is mean during the process of practicing, enlighten, optimistic and cheerful, experience the happiness from the Dhamma, purity, peaceful, and feeling the endless flow of happiness. Greed, Anger, Delusion causes tension, rage, anxiety, induce the vicious circle on the imbalance state of body and mind. The person who is blissful, will a have a cheerful mood. The function of human physiological organs will be self-regulating at the optimum state, forming a virtuous circle for the body and mind.

In Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand. Every day at the great Dhammakaya Cetiya are organizing the event on 24 hours non-stop chanting ”the Setting in Motion of the Wheel of the Dharma Sutta ”(Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta), as the supreme offering toward the most supreme master of mankind -the lord Buddha. And the great Dhammakaya Cetiya with million Lord Buddha . At the same time, it allow our mind to stay within the pool of merits. It brighten our life, bring peace and happiness. It plant the seed of goodness in both all beings and ourselves. It could also open the opportunity on obtain the extensive eyesight ability (dibba-cakkhu) for ourselves.

Every day the Buddhists from all over the world came here personally to pay respect to the great Dhammakaya Cetiya with the million Lord Buddha and experience the positive energy of Dhamma.

This great Dhammakaya Cetiya consist of a million lord Buddha images. Which is symbolize the triple Gem of the Buddhism. As the sun just rise up from the sky, shrine with gloriously radiant, and reaching every corners of the earth. It also provide the guidance for all beings.

Through burning itself, the candle in the lanterns provide brightness to others. ”If you are bright, the society will not find any darkness”. If we are the sources of brightness, it will brighten the whole world. Even though, we can’t be that brightness, but if we could light up the lantern in our mind. And then light up the lantern in our hand, which could brighten up ourselves. Which is also consider as a form of merit.

Everyone holding the lanterns with much blissfulness, follow the foot step of the Sangha.  And circumambulate around the Great Dhammakaya Cetiya step by step.

Regardless of genders and ages, the followers came with the mind of devout and serenity, put one’s palms together and chant together.

Through the happiness risen from the inner mind with the chanting of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. Every single sentence of the chanting, were the thought of the great immerse grace from the lord Buddha. Wishing ourselves could be enlighten one day.

Bring along the family, listen to Dhamma talk and chanting. It might be the best companion for your family. They will experience the full blissfulness together.

In front of, the great Dhammakaya cetiya with million lord Buddha. Everyday 24 hours endless sound of chanting, surrounding the sky over it. That piece of peacefulness could allow our mind to be in tranquility easily.

Together we listen to Dhamma talk and the chanting. It might the best companion for your family. Everyone feel the blissfulness internally, purity, loudly while chanting the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta offering to the most supreme master-Lord Buddha for the human beings.

With the ring sound of the bell. Wat Phra Dhammakaya inherit the great noble ambition from the grand masters. That is propagate Buddhism till every corners of the world, and allow the Dhamma to reach the mind of everyone. In order to,develop a true world with true happiness and peace.

We rejoice the merits of everyone. In extend the lifespan of Buddhism! May we under the guidance of the Sangha, could continue move forward on the path of goodness and pursue perfections. And become the leaders on performing good deeds.