Bangladesh Organized Dhammadayada Ordination Program with 500 participants

On 22nd March 2019,Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand joint with the Rajaphanana Vihara and Santipur Aran Kuti temple of Bangladesh. In organize Dhammadayada Ordination Program, sharing on how to implement self-training through various activities. In order to, promote Self moral, propagate the knowledge on the right awareness and right view in Buddhism, and deliver the love and warmth of Buddhism. To provide the right energy toward the society.

All the worldwide branches of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand, also coordinate their local demand and develop various interesting Buddhism activities. For the lay people, not only have the opportunities to study the teaching of Lord Buddha, practice meditation. Which also to realize the true objective in life: That is pursue perfections. Everywhere in the world now are promoting Buddhism activities, in aid to expand their life, to understand the value of our mind, and revitalize the world moral. Hence, also become the source of true happiness and peace for the mankind.

“All the activities and projects that we are doing now, is to renaissance the world moral. In order to, let Buddhism be as prosperous as during the Buddha Era. For all these activities or projects to be success, we need all the Buddhists of the world. To be united, as the one & only sun.”

If all mankind, could place their mind on the right place. Then, we could attain the permanent, true happiness and true self (Dhammakaya).By then, the true happiness and world peace will appear.

Short-Ordination is a kind of moral training, and personality development. The temple that organize the Dhammadayada Ordination Program, would provide the public with opportunities to reflect themselves. Develop their own personality moral, given a chance to setup the style on behave oneself. As specially, the seniors in Buddhism, could also become the role model. In term of being respectful, as the example. Which could be benefit all one’s life.

Today is an auspicious day that every parents are looking forward to. Which enable they to offer the monk robe and bowl to the Dhammadayada. So that they would put on the sacred robe of arahant, transform themselves from a perfect laypeople into a right dignify monk.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand all along have follow their establishment aims: which is establish a fine monastery, cultivate right monks and well-doers. Beside these, we have also propagate Buddhism towards both local and oversea areas. In order to, provide all people a chance to study about Buddhism, know about the right method for practicing meditation, to understand the truth meaning of our life, persist in performing generosity, observing precepts and practicing meditation. Continuously in elevate oneself, moral, refine our mind, and eventually realize the true world peace.

Short-Term ordination is one of convenient way of the modern Buddhism. For the lay people to experience the serenity and the simple life style of monkhood. Which in term to allow the laypeople to have a correct understanding on the ways of propagation for the modern Buddhism.

To left home just like a bird abandon their nest

Without any worry and attachment

Start a solemnity and sacred life

Look for the path toward Nirvana

With only three sets of monk robe

Be blessing regardless in awake or dream status

With eight monkhood tools as the only property

Only rely on the offering from the believers

Bearing on starvation and hardships

Make effort in study the scriptures

Rove all over the world

Concentrate on practice

Devote our life in study Dhamma

Able to detach from reincarnation

Vanquish the evil soldiers

{This was translated from the content of the lyrics of a song}