The celebration of Wat Phra Dhammakaya established 49 years through group practice Meditation on the Magha Puja Day

On 19th Feb 2019, the Magha Puja Day coincide with Wat Phra Dhammakaya established 49 years anniversary. The followers gather together at the Dhammakaya Assembly Hall of Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand,with well and exquisite prepared tribute,offering to the Lord Buddhas.  They came to the temple to perform generosity, keeping eight precepts, meditate。Let their life fill with brightness and auspicious.

The Lord Buddha said “Be able to still our mind, is the greatest happiness of all”.

None matters where you are, respectful and sincere attitude will certainly bring about auspicious and happiness toward our life.

Everyone wear the former white clothing, with the mood of devout and blissing. All families gather to perform chanting, meditation and listen to the Dhamma talk.

If everyone in the world could place their mind at the correct location, and able to attain the Dhammakaya of the true blissing (permanent, happiness and being “self” ).The true happiness, true world peace will appear.

Through the blissing obtain from the meditation. It will bring about the most absolute goodness into our mind. This purest goodness will bring about healthiness, successfulness, perfection and will benefit everyone in their daily life.

When the mind is purified. It will affect the physical matters of our body to be purify too. And, in Buddhism regarding the concepts on the impermanent, Law of Karma, etc. could assist the practitioners to able to face the imperfections situations with the attitude of tolerance. Which in term to allow their physical and mental to be in harmonize. When these positive thoughts have become a habit for ourselves. It will affect our moods, actions and speech, hence enhance our physical and mental healthiness, and toward building the   perfection in our personality.

There were senior venerable from both local & overseas, travel from far away, take trouble to attain the ceremony with compassion. On that day,through the form of chanting and meditation together, praying for world peace.

People and the Buddhists from the world all united as one, meditate together, which also allow all people to contemplate and remind each other. The true permanent world peace is the aim for everyone.

All beings being connect mind-to-mind together, wish that they would only have happiness, all countries would be rich, strong and prosperous. All well-doers work toward the career on true happiness and peace. And allow the pure goodness from the center of our body transmit to the people suffering from the war. With this pure goodness energy would transform these suffering into happiness, and continue stay in the human realm. Which allow the people of the world, to stop exploitation and hurting each other. It also allow our mind to be free from the darkness, and may the people be full of loving kindness and compassion.

The form of pure energy resulted from practice meditation, could transform into a pure force quietly infiltrate into the air. It could clear away the impurity in our mind, chase away the darkness, and brighten up every things. Which allow us to rightfully manage our life, create happiness and change the world with the goodness of our mind. Hence create true world peace.

 “Stillness is basis of Success in Practice ”