Helms Skole students Visit// Feb. 1, 2019– Wat Phra Dhammakaya Korsør Lystskov, Denmark

The group of parents of Helms Skole students in Korsør who organize the activity for their children once a year had contacted Wat Phra Dhammakaya Korsør Lystskov for their children’s Buddhism field trip.

When the students arrived at the temple, the temple gave an orientation on the respect to the Triple Gems, Benjangkhapradit Bowing, how to meditate, and watching video for understanding Buddhism.

After that, the teaching monk led them to chant to worship the Triple Gems and meditate. Then, the teaching monk answered the questions concerning Buddhism and meditation.

The children learned Buddhist Culture through the meritorious ceremonies such as the saffron robe set offering, the morning alms round, the meal offering, the water-pouring to dedicate merit to the dead, the blessing receiving and the gold sheet gilding on the Crystal of Fulfillment.

Later, the children toured the temple, watched the Buddha’s History Exhibition, received the meditation CD in Danish and had lunch together.

Before going back home, they offered to raise the temple maintenance fund together.

The parents and students were impressed in this field trip and wrote their impression as follows.

Thomas Lundemand wrote that he was excited about coming into the Buddhist World.  Everyone is very nice.  He is happy that the temple is opened in Korsør and he feels good every time to see the Buddhist monks in this forest.

Flemming Mark revealed that Wat Phra Dhammakaya Korsør Lystskov is like the gift for Korsør.  This temple is special and unique.  Every time he passes by this place, he eagers to know where it is.  He would come back again.

Emily Helms said that she enjoyed and was excited to study Buddhism and meditation.  There was no boring time at all.  Food and cake were delicious.  Very Great!!

Daniel revealed that meditation is something amazing that wondered him.

Benedict wrote that she was fun and excited on this field trip.  Thank you for the temple touring and teaching them about Buddhism and meditation.  Thank you for this good day and delicious food.

Anna revealed that she thought that it was very happy to listen to Buddhism and meditation.  The food was very delicious and the Buddhist laypeople were very kind.

Selma Helms said that it was fun and exciting in learning Buddhism and meditation.  The food was yummy and it was our valuable experience.

Asta commented that she learned what the monkhood is and how to meditate.  It was fun to try meditation and it was surprising to see here.  And the food was very yummy.

Andrea Nielsen revealed that it was exciting and incredible.  First, she thought that it would be boring.  She learned how to meditate and the food is great.

Anika wrote that she had just begun to know about meditation and she wanted to try it more and more.  Every activity was exciting and suitable for the students.