Sharing the moment, the Dhammayatra monks perform clean up activity and organize offer maintaining funds ceremony at Wat Triphara Simakhet

On 8 January 2019, the Dhammayatra Monks went for alms round in the early morning. They also perform clear up activities at the Wat Triphara Simakhet, together with the locals and the V-stars school kids. And also organize maintaining fund offering events at the temple.

The monks adhering to the essence of Lord Buddha teachings. Allow the Buddhists to perform alms offering as the very first things that they do in their day. This will enable their life to be wonderful and auspicious, by support and allow the Triple Gem of Buddhism, to be stay forever. This philosophy is very meaningful, as the sun shine with its light of life every day.

Lord Buddha teach the monks to go for alms around, less desire and be satisfied, focus on their practice. Through the basic on going for alms round, to receive foods, clothing, place of stay, medicine and other necessities. This is the very basic way to train themselves, through practice “be less desire and be satisfied”. At the same time, Sangha is the ultimate field of merits in the human realm. Alms offering allow the lay people plant the seed of merit in the field of merits, in order to cultivate their own future provisions. The alms offering could also allow the Sangha to increase the interaction with the lay people, and hence able the lay people have the opportunities listen to the Dhamma talk.

Everyone came with a faithfulness mind, gather together at one location. On performing good deeds, plant their seed of merits with the field of merits and in order to cultivate their own future provisions.

The children from their early age could cultivate benevolence,supporting the Sangha. When they growth up, they will become the well-doers in their society.

A man of true wisdom, would often perform and cultivate good deeds. And will be bliss in the sea of merits. Because perform good deeds will bring upon endless of happiness for the doers.

Together they chant the Pali version of the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, recall the kindness of the Lord Buddha. There are happiness arise within our mind, for the chanting of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta.

We are grateful for the participate and support from everyone, and rejoice the merits that everyone gained. With the good intention from everyone, Buddhism could be as prosperous as of today, may it could stay for forever.

With the cleaning and tidy up of the temple, take care it in the cleanliness, orderly manners. No matter who see it, would feel a sense of carefree and joyous.

According to the teachings from the Lord Buddha on the principles of build a temple, in order to let the devotees feel satisfied. And the reputations of the temple could spread broadly, in order to attract more and more people come for practicing. The only thing that the temple should do is to let the temple be more worthwhile for visiting. That is to maintain the temple sacred, in a clean and tidy manner, feel comfortable, cultivate the connotation of the Buddhism members, expanding the propagation methods,in-line with the model trends. In order to effectively educate the public on morality.

May the merits for the participate and support of Buddhism accumulated by everyone. Blessing everyone with healthy, blissful, gain in both fortunate and wisdom, would be detach from the cycle of reincarnation earlier, and reach the ultimate of Dhamma.