Sharing the moment, when the 1,135 Dhammayatra monks arrive at the initial memorial – the birth place of Grand Master Phramongkolthepmuni

On 2nd January’2019 1400hrs, the 1,135 Dhammayatra monks arrive at the initial memorial. Lotus Land-the Grand Master birth place.

The Grand master Phramongkolthepmuni was born in the Song Phi Nong District of the Suphan Buri province, the location is surround by rivers, the terrain is very special, like a  shape of lotus leaf, the area is about 20 rai (1 rai=1600km2). This is the place on the early days for the grand master in pursue perfections, all his disciples pull together to build an octangle shape golden hill building – “Phramongkolthepmuni Memorial Hall”. Inside the memorial hall have place a golden status of the grand master, enable all the disciples to pay respect. And take him as model in term of the act in continuously pursue of perfections.

The origin of the event in sprinkling flowers :In Buddha Era, the Patsari city due to serious natural disasters, causes many of citizens suffer and death. Therefore, the people kneel and plead Lord Buddha and his 500 monk disciples for help with kindness. Their king Bimbisara have install 5 different colors of double layers flag along the path of arrival for the Sangha, and using fresh flowers layout for “5 Yojana” (approx. 555km).And the people in Patsari city also clean up the streets, and decorate with delicate flowers and sprinkling flower petals with 10 different colors. Hopefully these acts will clear all disasters, the diseases of all citizens will be recover, drive away all evils, Buddha and all celestial beings will bless the citizens life with auspicious.

Everyone attentively sprinkle the flower petals on the arrival path of the Dhammayatra monks, wishing that their life will be as beautiful as the path of flower petals.

The Dhammayatra journey through the 6 memorials of the Grand Master Phramongkolthepmuni is a meaningful event. Which allow every Dhammayatra monk to be earnestly in practice meditation, train themselves, purify their body and mind and become the role model for the public. At the same time, encourage the public have faith in performing good deeds and hence propagate this message to the whole world. Eventually, realize the true world peace.

This event will last for a period of one month, till the 31st January. Hereon, we like to sincerely invite all people with virtue come and support the event offering. The offering funds will be include in provide food, drinks and all others expenses for the entire Dhammayatra journey activities. This is a very special event, which also inherit the various greatness in Buddhism cultures. The blissful support is not determine by the amount offered. But how blissful is your mind at that offering moment.

For more details, could contact through the various Wat Phra Dhammakaya platforms or the individual branches.