Basic Concepts of #Buddhism, #BarclaysBank Head Office

On Wednesday November 28, 2018 Ven. Vichai Punnathanmo was invited to Barclays Bank Head Office at Canary Wharf London to guide meditation and give a talk on the topic of The Basic concepts of Buddhism to around 50 members and staff. They were pleased to be led and guided to meditation. It was a great success as they learned about the home of the mind. They enjoyed practicing meditation as meditation made them feel calm, relaxed and happy.

All the participants gained benefits from listening to dharma from the teaching monk. There were a lot of positive feed backs and they will definitely use the Basic Buddhist Concepts and meditate in their daily life as they understand that everyone can benefit from Meditation, as it can reduce stress, improve your ability at work by improving concentration, memory.Also, it helps to have a happier relationship with colleagues.

After 30 minutes of guided meditation, many of the participants said they enjoyed the feeling of peace.

The participants were eager to ask questions with regards to Buddhism and the practice of Meditation and how they can incorporate into their everyday work life.

Lastly, the teaching Monk gave the blessing to the participants and shared loving kindness to everyone in their lives and around the world.