2018 Thailand Water Festival (Loi Krathong)

On 22nd November 2018, is the famous Water Festival (Loi Krathong) in Thailand. This festival is closely related to the Thailand Buddhism, hence every year during Loi Krathong grand ceremony will be held by the Buddhist temple in Thailand. The Sangha will chant for blessing that wishing all adversities happen in this year will be ended, everyone will have a happy and healthy festival.

This year the water festival blessing ceremony was held at the stadium of meditation in Wat Phra Dhammakaya Thailand between the #2 & #3 columns area.

Everyone gathered for chanting, meditation and purify their actions, speech and mind of individual.

Gently let the mind still at the center of our body, maintain the mind in a comfortable state.

Step back from all distracting thoughts, at this moment just simply still your mind.

Then, at the same time together making wishes, and spreading loving kindness.

The Sangha lighted up the floating water lanterns with seven different colours. Together we let it float on the water,and make wonderful wishes.

During the endless cycles of life and death, able to born as a human being, and yet able to cultivate good deeds. It is a very rare incident.

During the period of Loi Krathong, the people celebrate it like the new year festival in Thailand. They will holding various kind of water lanterns and let them float along the river. They may wish for love for forever, or wishing that the family members be safety and happiness. After making wishes, they release the water lanterns into the river and let it float with the water flow.

In this festival, everyone will entrust it all their good wishes. May all of your wishes would come true. Be healthy, rich and beautiful.