Meditation for World Peace, Seoul, South Korea

Buddhist Television Network (BTN), Korea, broadcast the news of Wat Bhavana Seoul and Wat Taewonaum praying and meditating together for peace.

 From September 9–13, 2018, Phrapalad Suksan Suksanto led the other monks and laypeople of Wat Bhavana Seoul to arrange a special meditation retreat at Wat Taewonaum, located on the Southern Korean Island by the Abbot Ven.Pobsumthammakeeree’s kindness.

 The objective of this retreat was to build the relationship between a Thai temple (Theravada Buddhism) and a Korean temple (Mahayana Buddhism).  The activities included chanting of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta, meditation, and making wishes for the prosperity of Buddhism, the world safety from human disasters, and making the wishes for world peace.  On this occasion, BTN broadcast this news around the world so that they could watch, chant, and meditate together.

The Abbot of Wat Taewonaum Ven.Pobsumthammakeeree revealed that he was delighted to see the Buddhists keep and hold the Buddha’s teaching by meditation. 

This would unite the world to love and in harmony.