Metteyya Buddha Image Celebration — Mongolia

Monks from the Dhammakaya Meditation Center of Mongolia were invited to attend the celebration of the biggest Metteyya Buddha image at Dasolin Temple on Sunday July 1, 2018.

Our over 40 volunteers from Wisdom Power Foundation joined the ceremony by floating 30 sky lanterns to worship the Lord Buddha.  The activities started at 7:00 p.m. (local time).

It started off with the Abbot of Dasolin Temple, Lama Dambajav, delivering the opening speech and welcome speech to the honorable guests. Then, the representative and the Minister of Education, Cultural and Science gave a speech on this event arrangement. Afterwards, the representatives from the international Buddhist organizations gave appreciation speech for the abbot. Lastly, the representatives from the International Buddhist organizations attended the ceremony of opening the cloth to disclose the Metteyya Buddha Image.

There were a lot of representatives from the International Buddhist organizations who came from China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Russia (Ulan–Ude is the city in which Buddhism prospers), Taiwan, etc. that took part in this ceremony.