Songkran Festival // Wat Phra Dhammakaya Manchester

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Manchester arranged Songkran Festival on Sunday April 8, 2018.  It was an honor to have the mayor of Stockport preside over the ceremonies and participated in the activities from the morning to the afternoon.

Before the ceremonies began, the mayor and honorable guests walked to see the exhibition that showed the temple’s activities and visited Thai Tradition and Culture Zone which was the greeting zone. Once the ceremony began, they all chanted Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta and meditated to purify their minds followed by pledging the verse to offer meals to the monastic community. Then, they offered alms together.

Next, they had lunch and there were many kind-hearted hosts giving Thai foods such as Tom Kha Kai (spicy chicken curry in coconut milk), Musman (spicy Muslim curry), Thai-style spring rolls, fruits and Thai desserts.  The local participants liked these Thai foods very much.  After lunch, the Songkran’s Kid activities was held for the children.

In the afternoon, the mayor greeted the attendees.  They poured water to the Buddha Image, the Buddha’s relics, and the Luang Pu Image.  Next, they poured water to the elders for blessings and good luck.

The atmosphere was joyful.  Many Thais and the locals joined the ceremonies throughout the day.