Meditation Talks, University of South Alabama, USA

150 people joined a meditation retreat and talks in Alabama, USA. In the period 25-28 January 2018, Venerable Dr. Nicholas Thanissaro from DIMC, Azusa visited Mobile, Alabama and was able to spread meditation and inner peace to 150 people over 4 days of exciting peace events.

The journey began with a lecture at the University of South Alabama for 90 members of the Meditation and Mindfulness Club on the topic of ‘Give Forgiveness, Get Peace’ along with a 30 minutes guided meditation session. Venerable Nicholas then taught counselors and therapists at Mobile Drug Education Council to how to let go, accept the present and led them in a meditation session.

The visit ended with a 3 Day Meditation Retreat attended by about 40 people at the Meditation Center of Alabama. The weekend was filled with meditation sessions,  dharma talks, alms offering ceremonies, walking meditation and enlightening discussions by all in attendance.

Attendees learned about how to meditate, the obstacles to meditation, how to be a virtuous friend, Buddhist cosmology and ‘Life before Life’ and participated in engaging and enlightening discussions about peace and meditation.