Wednesday Meditation Class, Manchester, UK

The Dhammakaya Meditation Center, Manchester, United Kingdom, hosted the Meditation Class on Wednesday, December 6 2017.  The teaching monk started the course by showing video clips of the benefits of meditation.

He then passed a crystal ball around the class and asked participants to visualize the crystal ball, which is a useful technique for meditation.

To create relaxing and calm vibes, the class was shown relaxing and cheerful images such as cute children and serene nature scenes.

The teaching monk also showed the class images of beautiful, relaxing bright sunsets and asked them to calmly and gently visualize these at the 7th base of the mind. He then led an hour meditation session. The teaching was carried out in English.

After meditation, the class was asked to share their thoughts on meditation. Attendees had positive experiences, some witnessed light from within and felt very happy. Before concluding the event, the teaching monk offered several useful meditation tips to the class:   throughout the day, for every hour, dedicate at least one minute to still the mind at the 7th base, before waking and falling asleep visualize the Crystal Ball for about 5 minutes.  These tips will certainly bring progress to meditation.