The Basic Meditation Class, Tochigi, Japan

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Tochigi arranged the basic meditation class for locals from November 11–12, 2017.  There were 5 participants and the teaching monks were Phrakhrupalad Sunet Chalabhinyo and Phra Theerawat Chayadhiro.

On the first day, the teaching monks taught Buddhist Culture by teaching participants how to bow and led  trainees in how to chant the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta along with basic meditation principles. On the second day, the participants exercised and offered breakfast and lunch to the monks.

Then, the teaching monk led them to meditate and asked them about their experience and gave a sermon on the topic of “Detachment” that if they let some bad emotions go through forgiveness and detachment from negativity, their happiness will increase.


The attendees got a warm welcome, had delicious Thai food and stayed in a beautiful natural environment, so they had good inner experiences.  They revealed that they felt calm and peaceful from meditation. All participants understand the dharma principles and meditation moer deeply, and intended to apply them in their daily life.