Meditation Retreat for Midgård Slagelse Club, Denmark

The president of Midgård Slagelse Club, a club of the elders who have common interest in culture and environment, had meditated in the temple before and experienced inner peace; so he introduced the members to meditate in the temple so that they would find such happiness like him on November 8th, 2017. In addition, the Danish would understand Buddhism and Buddhist culture. The activities were the orientation – the Danish knew how to meditate; and watching the video about the temple’s history – the audiences understood the history of Buddhism and Wat Phra Dhammakaya.

After that, the teaching monk led them to worship the Triple Gems and meditate together. Next, the teaching monk answered their questions about Buddhism and meditation.

The Danish learnt Buddhist culture by offering saffron robe sets and alms. Then, the voluntary staffs took them to tour the temple and see the Buddha’s History Exhibition. They were impressive with our warm welcome and meditation. They understand Buddhism much more. Before going home, each of them got a meditation cd in the Danish language to continue meditation at home.

They also made some donation to maintain the temple which is one of the Buddhism Dhammakaya Vijja Propagation for Locals Projects.