Meditation class for local, Georgia, USA

Georgia Meditation Center (G.M.C.) arranged a meditation class for locals on Wednesday November 1st, 2017.
There were 16 locals participating in this class. Phra Dr. Nicholas Thanissaro led them to meditate and then they had Dhamma Talk on the topic of “40 meditation methods.”

Concentration is the mental state that the mind is still and stable continuously. When the mind is still, that person will not be interested in any sad things. So, the longer the mind is still, the purer the mind is. Moreover, the mind will be brighter until that person could observe his brightness within.

Such peace and pureness make that person have more willpower and intelligent in his daily life. This kind of peace and pureness also bring real happiness for us as well.

A participant named “Linda” told the teaching monk after the meditation class that she had seen a diamond-like ball within her abdomen and it was very bright.

Before the locals went back home, they had donated to raise the temple’s maintenance fund.