Basic Meditation Class, London, UK

On Tuesday October 24, 2017 many British participants meditated in the temple. This class is held every Tuesday. They meditated together, and the teaching monk introduced how to cultivate good habits in their daily life through UG5. This kind of training will improve the quality of the trainee’s mind, yield a better meditation result.

On that day, the temple detailed the training in the bedroom that they should use their bedroom as the ‘moral cultivation room.’ They should reflect on their actions, whether they are good or bad, give blessings to their descendant and meditate before going to bed tomake themselves lucky. When Luang Por Dattajivo’s teaching were translated into English, they were impressed and resolved to apply it in their daily life so they and their families could lead happier lives.

All of them expressed great gratitude for this beneficial and merit making activity in England.