The Mindfulness Business Leaders Meditation, London

It’s no surprise that the popularity of meditation practice is growing among British CEOS and business leaders. As the host of the mindfulness training, Barclay Bank of the Woking city experienced first hand the benefits of meditation, which can boost emotional intelligence as well as enhance one’s quality of life. On Wednesday 18th October 2017, monks and staffs of Wat Phra Dhammakaya London were invited to the Barclays Bank to lead a mindfulness training to many CEOs and business leaders from the top companies in Woking city.

The training started with an introduction to basic meditation and the most crucial step of meditation, placing the mind at the 7th base of the body. The teaching monk suggested that the regular practice of meditation, especially focusing our mind on the 7th base helps strengthen our ability to regulate emotions.

After that, it was time for Luang Por Dhammajayo’s meditation session, which was translated into English. After experiencing meditation, many CEOs and business leaders reported their meditation experience as their one of the most magical moments of their life.

They intended to invest more time into meditation practice and hoped to visit the temple soon for another meditation session.