Meditation Class — Thai Buddhist Meditation Center, Tokyo

Thai Buddhist Meditation Center in Japan, Tokyo, arranged a meditation class and taught Japanese dharma on the topic of “Millionaire’s Mind” on Sunday August 27, 2017. The teaching monk was Phra Somkiat Punyatejo. First, the teaching monk led the Japanese participants to meditate by relaxing and detaching their minds from their duties. They gradually placed their minds at the center of the body and meditated together for 40 minutes.

Then, the teaching monk introduced the topic that people in the world make money in many ways; however, they should have a goal to save and spend money in a worthwhile way, and know its true importance. The teaching monk taught that even money is important, money is not everything in life. Money cannot buy everything, and money does not equate to happiness in life. Thus money should not be utilized to determine the value or wealth of a person.. Finally, the monk concluded that there are 3 important things in life which are giving, precepts, and meditation; therefore, the teaching monk led them to meditate again for 10 minutes.

All participants listened and talked to the teaching monk with impressiveness.