Meditation Class for Beginners, Japan, Tokyo

Thai Meditation Center in Japan, Tokyo, arranged the Meditation Class for Beginners on Saturday June 10, 2017. It interested Japanese people who wanted to practice meditation. Some were newcomers. The teaching monk was Phra Maha Somkiat Punyatejo.

The teaching monk asked the participants when they were most happy and told them to write their answers on the paper and sent back. It was certainly that their answers were different. After that the teaching monk quoted from Dalai Lama that the happiness happened when you were happy at that moment. The Pali word was “Sati” which mean being conscious and make yourself happy. After that the teaching monk introduced the meditation and how to adjust their sitting postures and adjust their minds. The teaching monk taught them to comfort themselves like almost sleeping and they meditated together for 30 minutes. Later, the teaching monk explained how to live happily all the times.