Meditation Session for Locals, Tokyo, Japan,Sunday May 7, 2017

Thai Buddhist Meditation Center in Japan, Tokyo, arranged meditation and taught dharma in Japanese on the topic of “How to cope with unpleasant situation.” The teaching monk was Phra Maha Somkiat Punyatejo.

The teaching monk taught them to see the real world and care the others like caring themselves. We were born in this world and lived like we were visiting many places. So we should collect only good things and think positive because we mutually depend on each other. It is like applauding that we use our two hands to clap beautifully. We cannot use only one hand to do so. The relationship between you and your surroundings is important. You should look in the view which makes you happy and you will know it by observing your mind via meditation. You should practice your mind to still so that you can think positive when you encounter unpleasant things.

After that the teaching monk led them to meditate by gradually placing their minds at the center of the body. They meditated together for 30 minutes and then they had Dharma Talk before going back home happily.