Monthly Dharma Talk and Meditaiton// Nov. 28, 2016— Thai Buddhist Meditation Center of Japan


Ven. Tissaro from Thai Buddhist Meditation Center of Japan taught meditation for Japanese at the center in Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture on November 28, 2016.




In the afternoon, the teaching monk taught dharma on the topic of how to restrain your anger.  Everybody used to be angry.  Every time you are angry, the most troubled person is you.  If you can choose whether to be angry or not, it is sure that you do not want to be angry because the retribution of anger is very bad.  The teaching monk introduced them how to restrain their anger in the easy way that

  1. An individual’s mind is like clear water in a glass
  2. Even though the water is clear, it has some resources of anger within
  3. Whenever the water is stirred to move, the anger will float
  4. When the anger floats, you will be angry
  5. The principle of restraining anger is to control you anger not to float
  6. You may hold the glass and don’t let it shake, then your anger will precipitate
  7. Or you may prevent the water movement by freezing it
  8. If you want to cut off the anger completely, you have to ladle it out of the water.


Everybody listened to dharma intendedly and happily.  After that they meditated together and had the Dharma Talk.