Japanese Meditation Class, Bangkok, Thailand

The 73rd Japanese Meditation and Buddhism event, arranged on Saturday, November 21 2015, attracted more than 50 Japanese participants. The lecture topic “If we snatch, there would be none, if we share, there are plenty.”  The venerable monk elaborated how sharing can easily bring happiness to many people in the world, whether it is food, material goods, lending a helping hand, or generosity. Many people misunderstad that it is human nature to be stingy and try to possess as many things as possible. In the end those things we possess do not bring us happiness. On the contrary, those who cherish giving get happiness in return. In Buddhism meditation brings happiness for oneself and those around us. We should all spreading love and kindness, and share the happiness gained from meditation to one’s self, one’s family, and those around us including all beings. This can easily be achieved by expanding the happiness gained from meditation through the center of the mind and covering the world and the universe with a prayer for all the beings to be blessed with happiness and be free from suffering. After the lecture, everybody joyfully meditated and spread loving kindness. After the meditation session, the venerable monk invited the participants to join the V-Star event at the Dhammakaya temple. He also invited them to participate in the 11th Japanese Ordination Retreat, where 50 Japanese attendees signed up for the Ordination Retreat.