The Casting of Khun Yai Chand’s Gold statue

“If it was not because of Khun Yai,

I would not be who I am today, and there would not be

Wat Phra Dhammakaya and all of its overseas

meditation centers today”

Luang Por Dhamamajayo on his meditation

teacher Khun Yai Chand Khonnokyoong


The Embodiment of Unconditional Love for Humankind

Khun Yai was determined to keep her premise to carry on her teacher’s vision to spread the knowledge of the Dhammakaya meditation tradition so that people worldwide would find their own internal refuge and infinite source of happiness. Khun Yai never stopped giving until her very last day-never making an excuse out of her age, illnesses, lack of money and a torrent of detractors.

At 60, she chose the difficult path of founding a temple with a mere starting sum of 3,200 baht ($107). It was hard work for someone of her age, living on a piece of land with no running water and soil so arid that even grass refused to grow. She was misunderstood, verbally attacked and fell ill many times but never did she feel discouraged or give up. If she did, there wouldn’t be the Dhammakaya Temple and all of its overseas meditation centers today. If she did, we wouldn’t have seen these unprecedented, uplifting,real-life images of one million people meditation together for individual happiness and world peace.

Create A Golden History on the Earth Day
Two Historic Events on Luang Por Dhammajayo’s 70th Birthday

1 Mass Alms Offering to Monks from 30,000 Temples

The Buddha praised “Sangha-dana” as being superior to an offering to selected monks. To offer “Sungha-dana” to every temple in Thailand alone, one would have to spend a fortune and a lifetime to do so. But on 22 April, we will have the rare opportunity of making this special merit to monks from 30,000 temples from every region of Thailand and from more than 10 other countries—all in one day. These monks are the treasures who have been keeping the teachings of the Buddha alive till today. The historic gathering will also bring them closer, which will lead to a stronger and more unified Buddhism for the benefit of all.

2 The Casting of Khun Yai Chand’s Gold statue

In commemoration of her virtues and as an act of gratitude towards the Bodhisattava, a ceremony will be held at Wat Phra Dhammakaya for the casting of Khun Yai’s statue with solid gold on Luang Por Dhammajayo’s 70th birthday anniversary which falls on the Earth Day. A hundred years from now, people will be asking “who is this person who won such love and veneration as to have a statue made out of pure gold by her disciples?”

The quest for the answer will lead to the study of meditation to discover one’s own Dhammakaya, which will bring overflowing happiness and merit to millions of people for decades to come. Naturally, the donors who have made all this happen will have a share in the happiness and merit of these million others. We can look back with pride and joy as one who has played a heroic part in extending the life of Buddhism, leaving behind the most precious legacy for fellow human beings for generation to come.


Designing a Future As Bright As Gold

A piece of gold made into an accessory will remain just an accessory. But a piece of gold made into a statue of a person as rare and as respectable as Khun Yai will become a historical monument of virtue, and a golden reminder that greatness is measured by the value we bring to others, and that we can only multiply our happiness by multiplying others’ happiness. The resulting merit will attract good fortune, golden opportunities and virtuous people into our lives—bringing us more happiness, making it easier for us to do good and to discover our own Body of Enlightenment.

Donations can be made in cash or in pure solid gold from today until 22 April 2014. For more information, please contact your nearest Dhammakaya temple or Dhammakaya meditation center.


08:30- Morning chanting
09:30- Meditation session
11:00- Offering of gold and cash donation for the casting of Khun Yai Chand’s statue
-Offering of food and sustenance to monks
-Lunch break
13:30- Meditation session
14:00-Historic mass alms-offering to monks from 30,000 temples in Thailand and from several eastern and western countries
16:00-The casting of a larger-than-life solid gold statue of Khun Yai Chand Khonnokyoong