The Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni

The Re-discoverer of Dhammakaya Meditation

Dhammakaya is provable. It can be seen and known only by the determined person.

On the day of the full moon of the tenth lunar month in 1917, the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni persevered in his meditation practice with true dedication until he discovered the Dhammakaya (the body of enlightenment or the Buddhahood within) which the Lord Buddha himself had attained previously. Knowledge of this method of meditation had been lost for almost 2,000 years. After attaining Dhammakaya, The Great Master dedicated himself to propagating Buddhism and Dhammakaya meditation throughout his life with the axiom that ‘Stillness of the mind is the key to success.

For most Buddhists in Thailand, the Great Master is best known for his miracles, prophecies and super-natural healing powers. Hundreds of thousands of Thai Buddhists pray to him daily asking for help and guidance in their lives. Stories frequently come to light of those who have witnessed his miracles, especially the aversion of disasters, even in the present day. Behind the veil of superstitious awe surrounding the Great Master, however, runs a true living tradition of meditation passed down from master to disciple, by word of mouth, since his time. It is this system of meditation and the knowledge it brings that makes The Great Master stand out amongst hundreds of thousands of contemporary Thai monks. During the lifetime of The Great Master, his way of teaching Dhammakaya meditation was already known to be systematic, and quick in giving results and providing the missing link between scriptural theory and meditation practice. In present time we recognize that Dhammakaya meditation is way ahead of its time and its discoverer in re-aligning Buddhism with the other religions of the world.

The important feature of the meditation is that it goes beyond the texts in the same way that we can learn more about the moon from walking on it than we can by seeing its reflection on the water. Advanced meditators can discover new knowledge within their meditation in the same way that a scientist through experimentation can discover new facts about nature. During the Great Master’s life time he managed to train many meditators to the advanced level and established a meditation ‘workshop’ for over thirty years where meditators of sufficient calibre could work as a team to conduct spiritual research


The spreading popularity of the Dhammakaya meditation in The Great Master’s time was directly related to the miracles and healing surrounding personality of the Great Master and his disciples. Some are surprised to find out that most of the outstanding disciples in his time were female, not monks. The foremost meditation expert being the nun; Chand Konnokyoong, founder of Dhammakaya Temple.

At present, the development of the technique by simplifying meditation for beginners has done much to place an emphasis upon the technique itself. Thus, Dhammakaya Temple has opened the meditation for study by the masses instead of focusing on monastic circles as in the time of The Great Master. The determined personality of the Great Master still remains in the heart of those who practice Dhammakaya meditation. He continues to be an inspirational teacher for monks and meditators of the modern day to live up to.