Meditation Class, Bavaria

It has been four years since Wat Phra Bavaria Dhammakaya Bavaria began offering Weekly Wednesday meditation classes to locals and international college students with an intention to revive the Dhammakaya practice back to the modern society.

Last week, on Wednesday 20th September, under the guidance of Venerable Phra Chanchai Chuanchayo, there were 9 participants who joined the Wednesday Meditation Class from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.

The whole class was translated from Thai to German by the staff.  “an hour passes like a minute” was the word that many used to describe their feeling after the meditation class.  Everyone experienced different sensations during the meditation such as feeling floating, feeling the inner peace and entering the point of stillness.

While cultivating equanimity, the teaching also taught everyone the importance of meditation and its benefits. Meditation is the key to the true happiness in life, which lies at the center of our body. It also sharpens the practitioner’s concentration, reduces stress and develops other beneficial habits.