The Celebration of Asalha Puja Day : 16th July 2017 — Dimc TebingTinggi, Indonesia

For the first time in the Century, Wat Buddha Sumakhra arranged the Ceremony of Venerating Dhammakaya Statue to celebrate the 2017 Asalha Puja Day, on Sunday 16th July 2017 in Dimc TebingTinggi city. Many beautiful lightings and flowers were used to decorate the Dhammakaya Statue. Approximately 200 monks and devotees joined in this ceremony.

They chanted Dhammacakkappavattana sutta and circumambulated 5 kilometers around the city. The night was full of candle lights lit by all monks and Buddhists. The bright and peaceful atmosphere attracted many locals nearby to enjoy the ceremony along with all participants. The sound of Dhammacakkappavattana sutta Chanting spread loving kindness to everyone in the city.

This ceremony will forever be remembered in everyone’s heart.