Alms Offering Ceremony : 5th July 2017 — Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

On 5 July 2017, Dhammakaya Foundation led by Phrakru Viboonnitidham (Paiboon Dhammavipulo), World Alliance of Buddhists led by Dr. Pornchai Pinyapong- President & Dr. Lye Ket Yong – Advisor& President of Middle East Meditation Center, UAE and Nirvana Peace Foundation led by Mr. Sabuj Barua, President & Ms. Mithila Chowdhury, Secretary General together traveled to Cox’s Bazar, the longest beach in the world (120 km long). After enjoying the beach in the drizzle, our group went to offer alms and chanted Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta at Wat Ramu Sima, which is the temple of the Vice Supreme Patriarch Somdej Srattha Piya Maha Thero. The Vice Supreme Patriarch is beloved by the Buddhists in the Southern Chittagong, Bangladesh, especially in the unrest situation.

The Vice Supreme Patriarch of Bangladesh, Somdej Srattha Piya Mahathero has visited Thailand many times because he loves Thailand. He has studied and spread dharma in Myanmar for 10 years, so he can speak Burmese well. His temple which has 2 floors, there is a Thai Buddha Statue on the second floor and there is a Burmese Jade Buddha Statue on the first floor.