Dhamma and Meditation Teaching// Dec. 19, 2016– Yokohama Culture Center, Japan

On Monday December 19, 2016, Yokohama Culture Center invited the teaching monks from Thai Buddhist Meditation Center in Japan to teach dharma and lead meditation.  Phra Thanawut Tissaro taught them about how to deal with their anger. The teaching monk gave an example by comparing it with tea in a cup.  When they were angry, their minds were cloudy like dregs in the tea.  If the tea is not shaken, the dregs will precipitate.  However, tea is different from human’s life that it is not easy to restrain their anger from stimuli.  The monk asked them that when they were quarreling, who felt negative?  The answer was both of them.  So the monk taught that when both felt bad, they should teach themselves to be patient because hate speech doesn’t make anything better and the situation becomes even worse.  They should keep calm and wait until they feel better, and then talk with each other well.  Talking after keeping calm is better than talking while quarreling.

After that they meditated together for 30 minutes.  They revealed that their minds were peaceful, they ignored everything temporarily and had a good mental power recharge where this was a good farewell to 2016.