March 12, 2014

Our Roles and Responsibilities

Living in any society, we will certainly encounter many acquaintances who lack the appropriate social skills to interact with those around them or were often oblivious to the feelings of others. This may lead to numerous problems in the future.

Safeguarding Our Mind through Meditation

In our daily lives, an array of problems of varying degrees correlating to our family circumstance, profession, education, and responsibilities can arise. When faced with problems, the methods people employed to solve them may differ according to their experience and familiarity, and with outcomes that are never predictable. However, if we are trained to examine problems with a still mind, we will be able to clearly identify their origin.

Understanding the True Nature of Human Beings through the Precepts

All living things on earth cherish their life and strive for a peaceful existence. The human mind realizes that if we all love ourselves dearly and desire happiness and safety in our lives, others living creatures would surely share the same disposition. This will become more apparent as we explore further the concept of precepts, or moral discipline.

Dhammakaya Cetiya

The Dhammakaya Cetiya is a symbol of world peace through inner peace. Built entirely on international public contributions, it is also the embodiment of unity and love for mankind.