Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta chanting at Dhammakaya Cetiya
at the Dhammakaya Cetiya

Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta

True peace and happiness can only be found within ourselves. Via the practice of meditation, anyone from all ages, nations, cultures and creeds can contribute their inner peace to the world.

Come and light candle light together
with other 100,000 beautiful souls from around the world.

The Light of Peace Ceremony

Who we are

Dhammakaya Foundation is a non-profit organization, based on personal development, aims to promote activities for restoration of morality in individual, family, society and the world.

Our vision

What we do

While many are searching for peace from without, we believe that world peace MUST begin from each and everyone of us. That’s why we promote the use of meditation in order to help individual cultivate inner peace inside themselves.

The Meditation Practice

Join our activities

You can join different activities such as Buddhist ceremonies, meditation retreats and Dhamma studies in Thailand and our worldwide centers.

Our activities

Asalha Puja Day

is another important day in Buddhism. It falls on the 15th waxing moon day of the 8th lunar month. Four events took place during the times of our Lord Buddha as follows. 1. It was the day of our Lord Buddha’s first sermon. 2. It was the day of our Lord Buddha’s first disciple. His name was Kondañña.. 3. It was the day of the first Buddhist monk. 4. It is the birth date of the Triple Gem, which includes the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha or monks.
Day 1
06 Dec 2016
Day 2
19 Jul 2016
Day 3
20 Jul 2016
Day 4
27 Aug 2016
Day 5
16 Sep 2016

Kathina – The Splendid Robe Offering Ceremony : Sunday, 6 November 2016 at Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Thailand

Kathina Robe Offering is a wonderful Buddhist tradition that has been preserved for over 2500 years since the Lord Buddha’s time. It is a custom established by the Buddha permitting...
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Asalha Puja

Asalha Puja Day History, Importance and Customs The Lord Buddha gave the first sermon on Asalha Puja Day Asalha Puja, the full moon night of the 8th lunar month, this...
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The Buddhist Lent Day

The Buddhist Lent Day The Important Buddhist Day      The Buddhist Lent Day     History of the Buddhist Lent Day At the beginning of the Buddha Time, the...
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Dhammachai Day

Dhammachai Day, the Day of the Declaration of Victory August 27th, 1969, a full moon day on the ninth month of the lunar calendar, was an auspicious day as Mr. Chaiyaboon Suthipol...
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The Great Teacher Day

The Rediscovery of the way to attain Dhammakaya Now, we are approaching the fifteenth day of the full moon in the tenth month w hich is in the Buddhist Era...
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